Human rights in the forest

Join Innovation Forum for a webinar on human rights and rainforest conservation. The organisers will delve into case studies of REDD+ projects in Kenya, Cambodia, Colombia, and Peru.

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October 18, 2023
2-3pm GMT

Join Innovation Forum for an upcoming webinar organised in partnership with Everland. You can register for this webinar here.

The success of REDD+ projects in protecting forests and preserving biodiversity hinges on meaningful collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to uphold and empower their rights. Equally crucial is the improvement of livelihoods through provisions of basic needs and alternative income opportunities, ensuring equitable forest conservation.

These projects demand meticulous community consultation, deep engagement in governance, and adherence to the principles of full free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC).

In this Innovation Forum webinar, generously supported by Everland, the organisers will delve into case studies of REDD+ projects in Kenya, Cambodia, Colombia, and Peru. These case studies exemplify how well-executed REDD+ initiatives can yield remarkable advancements in the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. We will explore how the financing obtained from the sale of certified carbon emission reduction credits has empowered these partnerships with local communities, strengthening the safeguarding of human rights.

Our discussion will touch upon:

  • The foundations of community-led governance structures within REDD+ projects.
  • The avenues through which projects enable communities to secure their land titles.
  • The comprehensive conservation agreements that fortify partnerships with Indigenous Peoples and local communities, safeguarding livelihoods and forest ecosystems.

Join us to hear from panellists representing Everland and various REDD+ Projects, including Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Kasigau Corridor, Alto Mayo, Chyulu Hills, and Acapa-Bajo Mira y Frontera. This webinar will be moderated by Ian Welsh, publishing director at Innovation Forum.

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