Rewilding: Restoring Natural Processes

A new related presentation after numerous wolf lectures! Malika Cieremans and Marc Wilbers will guide you through the fascinating world of rewilding.

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January 24, 2024

A new related topic after numerous wolf lectures! Due to immense interest in rewilding, we invite you to an engaging lecture. During the presentation, Malika Cieremans and Marc Wilbers will guide you through the fascinating world of rewilding, where natural processes are restored.

Marc Wilbers is a forest ranger and wolf expert. Malika Cieremans is known for her work at CircleEcology, focusing on agro-ecosystems: producing food in a living environment, harnessing the power and dynamics of nature.

Topics covered range from biodiversity and the “wood wide web”, the return of large herbivores and predators to the crucial role of deadwood, the impact of the loss (and return) of megafauna, food forests, and agroforestry. How can we collectively reverse the tide, and what role can we play in promoting rewilding? This lecture not only provides new insights but also offers practical tips for contributing to ecological restoration yourself.
We look forward to welcoming you on this special evening.

Date: Wednesday, January 24 2024
Location: Boscafé de Beken, Nieuwe Keijenbergseweg 174, Renkum, Netherlands
Time: 7:15 PM registration, 7:30 PM start until 9:30 PM
Costs: €8.50 per person, including coffee/tea during the break

Language: Dutch

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Marc Wilbers, forest ranger and wolf expert