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Rewilding Community of Practice

The Rewilding CoP is a community around sharing practical and theoretical knowledge on rewilding to tackle ecosystem restoration challenges in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
A screenshot of a video conference of the Rewilding Community of Practice on GLFx.

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Rewilding CoP

The Rewilding Community of Practice is a sharing, learning and networking platform for ecological restoration practitioners and scientists – including wildlife and habitat conservation specialists, land managers, researchers, policy makers, investors, educators, trainers, lecturers, students, etc. One of its goals is promote international cooperation on rewilding and harmonise ecological restoration perspectives and approaches that are tailored to local contexts.


Rewilding CoP envisages a world where wildlife flourishes in healthy ecosystems that sustain us all.

Rewilding CoP

Connecting people in the restoration movement to be a key part of the solution to the challenges of the biodiversity and climate crises.



By working together on a basis of mutual trust and respect and being open to new ideas, we can learn from each other.


Imagination, vision, and communication will help us to inspire and empower people – and in turn getting inspired ourselves.


Curiosity guides us and provides the energy to never stop exploring and learning about new approaches and ideas.

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We invite you to an open exchange of ideas, observations and news about all facets of rewilding, including management and monitoring approaches. In addition, we welcome views and recommendations to connect science, practice and policies.

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