Nieuwe Wildernis

De Nieuwe Wildernis

Entering the Oostvaardersplassen feels like stepping into another world. Thousands of geese, countless waterfowl, butterfly swarms, Europe’s largest herd of wild horses, and the majestic sea eagle’s return create a grand spectacle.

Near Amsterdam, in one of the world’s most densely populated countries, a world-class nature reserve has emerged on land that was underwater forty years ago. Here, nature sets the rhythm, resulting in a pristine wilderness in the Flevopolder, exemplifying Dutch delta nature. EMS FILMS received exclusive permission to capture all seasons in this area.

“De Nieuwe Wildernis” aims to reveal the soul of this thriving, watery delta through stunning visuals, showcasing its beauty and raw wilderness. The film seeks to amaze viewers with the ingenious ecological system of this Dutch wilderness.

This book features photos and film stills taken throughout the seasons, accompanied by seven essays that provide deeper insights into the unique and dynamic development of the Oostvaardersplassen. Experience the extraordinary power of nature in the Netherlands as never seen before.

Language: Dutch


Ruben Smit, Frans Vera, Marije Sietsma


EMS Films

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