The time is now. Let’s rewild our future.​

We act as a catalyst, developing local capacities for rewilding, while fostering collaboration across sectors and places, and drive the transition towards a sustainable future in a changing climate.

Our Mission

Is to empower #generationrestoration through capacity development in rewilding and restoring ecosystems. We support local and landscape-scale restoration programs across the world, fostering a future where communities thrive and ecosystems are revitalised.

Our Vision

A world where people and wildlife thrive in healthy ecosystems

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Our Values & Principles


We believe in empowering individuals and communities through education, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to become effective rewilders in their natural environments.


We are committed to creating inclusive learning environments that welcome people from all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. We believe in diversity and promote equity and accessibility in our educational programs.

Collective intelligence

We value the collective wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of diverse stakeholders, recognising that collaboration and shared learning are essential for effective rewilding efforts.

Ecological Integrity

We prioritize the restoration and preservation of natural ecosystems, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity, habitat connectivity, and ecosystem health in all our initiatives.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of collaboration and community involvement in rewilding efforts. We actively engage local communities, stakeholders, and indigenous peoples, fostering partnerships and empowering them to take ownership of restoration and conservation initiatives.

Scientific rigor

Our work is grounded in sound scientific principles and evidence-based practices. We rely on rigorous scientific research, monitoring, and evaluation to inform our rewilding strategies and ensure their effectiveness.

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

As an Action Partner of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, the Rewilding Academy is coordinating two Restoration Education Challenges.

GEF CSO Network

The Rewilding Academy is the Regional Focal Point for Europe for the Global Environment Facility’s Civil Society Network. The GEF CSO Network’s mission is to strengthen civil society partnership with the GEF by enhancing informed participation, contributing to policy development and local action.

strategic partners

Together, we advance rewilding training & education and promote effective ecosystem restoration worldwide