What is Rewilding?

Rewilding is about restoring functional ecosystems, connecting natural landscapes, and reconciling people with nature.

River and a rich forest ecosystem representing the answer of the 'What is Rewilding' question.
ocean rewilding
bear rewilding

According to the IUCN, rewilding is “the process of rebuilding, following major human disturbance, a natural ecosystem by restoring natural processes and the complete or near complete food-web at all trophic levels as a self-sustaining and resilient ecosystem using biota that would have been present had the disturbance not occurred.”

Rewilding is dedomestication of nature

Ecosystem restoration involves a paradigm shift in the relationship between humans and nature. The ultimate goal of rewilding is: “the restoration of functioning native ecosystems complete with fully occupied trophic levels that are nature-led across a range of landscape scales“.

Rewilded ecosystems should be “self-sustaining requiring no or minimum-intervention management (i.e. natura naturans or “nature doing what nature does”), recognising that ecosystems are dynamic and not static“.

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