Wisdom of the wolves - book cover

The Wisdom of Wolves: How Wolves Can Teach Us to Be More Human

In this captivating book, wolf expert and naturalist Elli Radinger shares 25 years of intimate encounters with Yellowstone’s wolves. Discover their remarkable stories: wolves who die of broken hearts, show tenderness to their young and elderly, and live in packs led by couples with females making key decisions. These intelligent creatures play, pretend, and hunt in ways that reveal their complex nature and surprising similarities to humans. Meet Oh-Six, a she-wolf with astonishing hunting skills, Casanova, who charmed his way into a new pack, and the compassionate alpha male, Druid 21. Through these stories, Radinger illustrates the profound lessons we can learn from wolves and the wisdom they offer.


Elli H. Radinger


Michael Joseph; None edition

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