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How to join the community?

Rewilding is a community effort, and everyone can contribute.

rewilding professionals

Rewilding Professionals

The Rewilding Professionals LinkedIn Group comprises of a diverse group of over 2000 rewilding experts, scientists, conservationists, and enthusiasts who collectively work towards the advancement of rewilding practices and principles.

Rewilding Instagram

Join us @rewildingacademy for captivating stories, insightful tips, and inspiring content dedicated to rewilding and ecological restoration.

We absolutely love featuring rewilders, showcasing your projects, profiles, reposting your news, and more. If you want to connect, collaborate, or cross-share content, we’re all in! Feel free to reach out to us directly or on Instagram to discuss further.


Join the Community, ask questions, get inspiration, share experiences, find partners.


Speak with rewilding experts, discuss challenges and solutions. Together we can go further.

Rewilding Community of Practice

The Rewilding Community of Practice is a collaborative network comprising of practitioners and enthusiasts who share a common passion for rewilding and its vital role in biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation. This community fosters the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and innovative approaches to rewilding.

Our values

By working together on a basis of mutual trust and respect and being open to new ideas, we can learn from each other.


Harnessing the power of imagination, systems thinking, and effective communication not only enables us to inspire and empower others but also fuels our own inspiration.


A commitment to continuous monitoring, learning and improvement is essential for the creating significant rewilding outputs, outcomes and impact.