hunt for the shadow wolf

Hunt for the Shadow Wolf: The lost history of wolves in Britain and the myths and stories that surround them 

Renowned rewilder Derek Gow dreams of seeing the wolf return to Britain, much like it has in other parts of the world. While working on the reintroduction of beavers, Derek’s fascination with wolves grew as he encountered stories—both factual and mythical—about this elusive creature. His curiosity led him to gather fragments of information, tales, and artifacts, painting a picture of a proud animal that once roamed these lands before being hunted to extinction due to fear and domination.

Derek realized that the hatred towards wolves was driven by more mundane motives: power and profit. The wolf was vilified as a savage beast, and its eradication was seen as a civilizing act. Yet, wolves persisted in the shadows of folklore, estate records, parish documents, and even in the physical remnants of wolf heads, both genuine and recreated.

In his book “Hunt for the Shadow Wolf,” Derek weaves together humor and tenderness to share his quest to uncover the true nature of the wolf. He argues that as we aim to heal our landscapes, we must first understand and reconcile with the wolf. Understanding this creature is crucial before any efforts to reintroduce it can begin.

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Derek Gow


Chelsea Green Publishing UK

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