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Nature’s Ghosts: The world we lost and how to bring it back

For millennia, humans have influenced nature’s course, leaving lasting marks—both positive and negative—on the environment.

In “Nature’s Ghosts,” journalist Sophie Yeo delves into the pre-human landscapes: from the megafauna-shaped terrains to post-Ice Age forests, and from the eagle-filled skies of ancient times to flower-adorned farmlands of recent centuries.

Through stories of landscape shapers and their imprints, Yeo uncovers forgotten tales, seeking ancient wisdom to mend our fractured bond with the earth.

Encountering environmental sleuths—archaeological, cultural, and ecological—Yeo reveals intricate reconstructions of lost landscapes.

Today, nature is exceptionally vulnerable, burdened by humanity’s weighty impact. Yet, there’s hope in understanding our past.


Sophie Yeo



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