Rewilding brining wildlife back

Rewilding: Bringing Wildlife Back Where It Belongs

Discover inspiring stories of wildlife saved from extinction—a perfect gift for environmentally conscious kids!

“Rewilding” means returning animals or plants to their native habitats. Conservation biologist David A. Steen introduces children to scientists working to create a greener future through awe-inspiring projects. Learn about wolves revitalizing Yellowstone National Park’s ecosystem, beavers reintroduced to build dams and prevent flooding, and Galápagos giant tortoises overcoming extinction to return home.

With heartwarming true stories and beautiful illustrations by Chiara Fedele, children learn about species coexisting and the role of conservation scientists. They may even be inspired to become wildlife activists! The book leaves kids with a key message: it’s not too late to fix the planet.


David A. Steen


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