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Rewilding: The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery

“Rewilding” offers a captivating exploration of the groundbreaking science driving the restoration of wild ecosystems.

Ecologists Paul Jepson and Cain Blythe unveil rewilding as a modern conservation approach, melding innovative science with practical methods to rejuvenate ecological processes, enriching both nature and human communities. Its aim is to revive lost connections among animals, plants, and natural disturbances essential for vibrant ecosystems.

Rewilding injects optimism and purpose into conservation efforts, democratizing thrilling wildlife encounters previously confined to remote reserves, even for city dwellers. From ‘de-domesticated’ horses galloping across Dutch plains to beavers sculpting wetlands in British landscapes and giant tortoises revitalizing Mauritian islands, rewilding sparks imagination with its potential for transformative and inspirational endeavors.


Cain Blythe, Paul Jepson


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