Book of wilding

The Book of Wilding: A Practical Guide to Rewilding, Big and Small 

In the face of climate change and biodiversity loss, individuals often feel powerless. But Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell offer a powerful message: nature’s resilience can be awe-inspiring when given the opportunity.

“The Book of Wilding” serves as a guide for restoring nature, blending ambition, vision, and practicality. Stemming from Isabella and Charlie’s pioneering rewilding project at Knepp in Sussex, this book shares insights for rewilding efforts spanning from unproductive farms to urban parks. Inspired by the inquiries they receive, it offers solutions for revitalizing landscapes, whether they be farmland, rivers, ponds, or even window boxes. With their firsthand experience and pragmatic approach, Isabella and Charlie provide answers for those seeking to make a difference in restoring nature.


Isabella Tree


Bloomsbury Publishing

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