Rewilding Knowledge Hub

Welcome to the first Rewilding Knowledge Hub, developed in collaboration with key Academic and NGO partners. Find inspirational resources and pathways to restoring our ecosystems, for people, nature & climate.

Trophic rewilding

Rewilding courses

Ecological Restoration

Fundamentals of ecology, understand ecological processes and cascading impacts.

Wildlife Management

Wildlife requirements, grazing management , animal health and welfare.

Climate Change​

Learn about nature based solution to climate change and carbon sequestration.


Regenerative tourism, creating positive impact for ecosystems, communities and climate.

Regenerative Agriculture

From rewilding your own garden to rewilding agricultural systems.

Geoinformation Systems

Mapping, GIS and remote sensing for spatial planning and monitoring.


Words, images, videos, arts: essential tools for communicating rewilding goals and successes, raising awareness and education.

Professional Development

Project management and monitoring, and personal development to achieve the systemic change needed in communities and societies.

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